Superbat 1.2GHz 12DBi GSM Yagi Directional Antenna 1200MHz with N-Female


Product Name: Yagi Antennas

Electrical specifications

Frequency Range-MHz: 1200MHz

VSWR: ≤1.5

Input Impedance-Ω: 50

Gain-dBi: 12dbi

Polarization: Vertical

F/B ratio-dB

Maximum Power -W: 50

Bandwidth-MHz: 100

Connector: N-Female

Notes: If you choose the SSMB/CRC9/TS9/MS147/MC-Card as antenna connector,The extra adapter or pigtail will be included in the package to fix your devices after getting your extra payment !

Mechanical Specifications

cable Length-cm: 22cm

Weight-kg: 0.268KG

antenna Length-cm: 65.5cm

Mounting Mast Diameter-mm: Φ50-100


Package included:

1pc GSM Yagi directional antenna 12DBi 1200MHz with N-Female connector