1 Car TV Digital DVB-T FM Antenna Amp Booster 3.5MM connector

Product Description
This light, small and easy to set up Car TV/Radio AM/FM 2 in 1 Antenna Amplifier and Booster is the perfect addition to your car tuner.

This TV antenna will help improve your car¡¯s TV picture quality by strengthening your tuner¡¯s ability to pick up TV receptions. And will also increase the strength of the input signal your radio receives. This assures you a better signal and a more reliable reception.


It easily sticks to the Front or Rear Windscreen so, no matter how far you travel, your car will have entertainment wherever it goes!


Please note: This TV antenna has an 3.5MM connector



Radio Frequency: 88~108MHz

TV: VHF48.5 - 233MHz VHF450 - 862MHz

Radio: 12~18db

TV: VHF 22¡À3db VHF20¡À3db

Cable: TPY 1.5C-¡°VRG174V

Impedance: 50 OHM

Length: 5.0M + Plug

Standing wave: ¡Ü3.0:1

Working Voltage: DC10.5~16V

Working Current: 10~35mA

Cable length:1.8M

Cable Type:RG174(default)

Connector Type:AM/FM plug connector?(Default) SSMB/CRC9/TS9/MS147/MCX/MMCX/FME/BNC/TNC/SMB/MC-Card..and so on.,

Working Temperature:-35C¡ã ~+75C¡ã

Deposited Temperature:-40C¡ã ~+80C¡ã

This antenna can receive both analog signals and digital signals, as long as the equipment with the corresponding signal receiver.



Package included:

1pc Car DVD Auto MPEG2 MPEG4 Digital TV Radio FM AM Antenna?3.5MM connector for GPS DVBT TMC Car