100X Nylon full hexagon hex nuts plastic nut 4-40 High Quality

Product Description:

  • 100% brand new
  • Plastic Nylon Hex Nuts American system
  • New High Quality
  • Wear-resisting, high temperature resistant heat. Corrosion resistance
  • Material: Plastic Nylon PA66
  • Type: Hex Nuts
  • SIZE: 4-40
  • QTY: 100
  • Tough and resilient, nylon hex nuts are useful for many applications. They are ideal for use in electrical and electronic assemblies and where low weight is desired. Molded from corrosion resistant Type PA66 Nylon, all parts are available from standard tooling.

Listing Photo:

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Package included:

100pcs Plastic Nylon Hex Nuts American system 4-40 NEW High Quality