12dB 3G Cell Phone Mobile Gain Signal Booster Antenna



1.By connecting the 12dB Signal Antenna directly to a telephone system you won't require a landline anymore.
2.Provide better reception in those rural areas that everyone travels too, yet carriers do not build enough towers there.
3.Even in areas of poor network coverage, optimal reception can still be achieved by using a directional antenna with higher antenna gain.
4.All the functions of your telephone system will continue to function (i.e. caller ID display, speed dial etc.)
5.If the landline connection becomes interrupted (lines become clogged), the 3G network can provide you with an effective backup system.
6.Easy installation and configuration.
7.Rubber sucker base could be stick on the table or shield window firmly
8.Size of the clip: 5 -6.4cm


Frequency Range


GSM 1800/1900

UMTS 1800/1900/2100

CDMA1900 MHz

Gain 12dBi
VSWR ≤1.5
Cable Length 2.5 m
sucker base 5cm Diameter
Connector FME Jack

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