1M MC3 Solar Panel Power Cable 3 Feet Female Male Connect 4mm2 TUV, Waterproof

Product Description
  • It is TUV certified PV solar cable with MC3 Male and Female ends
  • This can be used to connect a cable from the junction box
  • The cable is 4mm2 (11AWG equivalent).
  • This is a TUV certified cable for use with solar panels.
  • This cable is UL 4703 rated and is UV protected with double jacket insulation which is waterproof and submersible.


Qty1 100cm TUV cables

Cable size is 4mm2(11AWG equivalent)

The cable comes with a male MC3 connector in one end and with a female MC3 connector in other end


  • UL 4703 listed Solar Cable for North America and TUV listed outside North America.
  • Max. voltage : 1000vAC and 1800vDC
  • UV resistant, Waterproof
  • 4mm2 TUV (11AWG equivalent)
  • TUV logo print in every 12 inch length of the cable guarantees you that the cable meets its TUV standard for PV solar application.

Package included:

1pc 1meter SOLAR CABLE MC3 male to MC3 FEMALE- MC3 SOLAR Panel Power Cable 4mm2 TUV