1Set Dual Injection 4mm Banana to Banana Male Plug Test Probe Leads Cable 1M 15A


Product Name: Injection Molding Banana Plug Test Leads

Banana Plug QTY: 4

Banana Plug Size: 4mm

Contactor Width: 2.5mm

Conductor Material: Copper Wires

Cable Type: Signal Wire

Max. Current: 15A

Cable Out DIA: 4.0mm

Cable Length: Approx.100cm

Color: Black+ Red

Weight: 45g



1. Banana plug and the cable use injection molding to complete, good looking, durable and tough

2. Special cable sheath and banana plug use elastomer material, high softness

3. Cable conductor is made of 50pcs copper wires of diameter 0.15mm

NOTE: 1 Set means 2 Red+ 2 Black banana plugs with leads

Package included:


1 set Injection Molding Banana Plug Test Leads