2.1GHz 8dBi 3G/UMTS omnidirectional antenna N female Connector


Product Description:

This high performance low profile, antenna offers a powerful 8dBi gain

The antenna comes with an easy to install mounting plate. It allows for pole mounting or surface mounting to a wall or side of a building.
Quick and easy installation - The antenna finds the tower for you and automatically switches between towers within range if the traffic on any one tower becomes overly heavy..!

This antenna features high gain, long working distance, light weight, compact structure and good command in wind resistance.



Frequency Range:2.1 GHz


Gain:8 dBi



Input Impedance:50 Ohm

Max. Input Power:100 W

Connector location:Back

Connector:Standard N Female Connector

Reflector Material:Electrolysis Board

Horizontal Beamwidth:360 degrees

Wind Survival :more than 150 mph

Operating Temperature :- 40'C to 85 'C

Connector:Integral N-type Female (Bulkhead type)


Antenna Length:0.6m

Antenna Weight:0.250kg

Package including:
1 X 8dBi gain omni-directional panel antenna
1 X mounting bracket.

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