2.4GHz 3dBi Omni WIFI Antenna BNC male for wireless router


This compact 2.4GHz omnidirectional "rubber-duck" WiFi antenna provides broad coverage and 3dBi gain. It is a coaxial sleeve design with an omni-directional pattern. It is ideally suited for IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g wireless LANs

This flexible antenna features a BNC male right anlge connector. It is suitable as a replacement RF antenna for many access points and radios that are equipped with BNC connectors including wireless receiver, Digital Wireless Cameras and others.

for wireless router and WLAN PCI card

Frequency range : 2.4GHz
V.S.W.R ≤ 1.5
Gain : 3 dBi

Power Capacity :50W
Polarization : Vertical
Impedance : 50 Ohm
Connector : BNC (Male) right angle
Color: Black

Operating Temperature:-40 ~ 60 ℃
Storage Temperature:-20 ~ 40 ℃
Length: 113mm