20X 2 Color RCA Female Pin Jack Audio Video AV Socket Connector Gold 50V 0.2A DC

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20pcs 5.5x2.1mm DC Power Cable female socket Connector welding



Product Description



RCA AV Socket to achieve the separation of audio and video transmission, avoids the image degradation caused by?the audio/video mixing interference, It is the wideness connector used on audio and video equipment in the world.

Product Name:RCA Connector

Rated Load: DC 50V 0.2A

Contact Resistance: ?¨¹0.03|?

Insulation Resistance: ?Y100MW DC 500V

Withstanding Voltage: AC 500(50Hz)/min

Insertion and Extraction Force: 3~35N

Product Certification: RoHS

Life: ¡ê?1000 Cycle

Temperature: -40~70??C

Hosing Color: Red

Weight: 2.91g



Fit for TV, VCD, borne power amplifier, audio, home theater, speakers and other wireless devices, can be inserted into the circuit board directly, the contact performance is reliable.

Package Content: 20Pcs RCA? Connector?

Package included


20pcs 5.5x2.1mm DC Power Cable female socket Connector welding

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