2pcs New Waterproof Plastic Project Box Electronic Case DIY 109 x 59 x 33mm

Product Description

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Dimensions (outer H*W*L):33mm(1.30")(H)X59mm(2.32")(W)X109mm(4.29")

Dimensions (inner L*W):52mm(2.04")(W)X77mm(3.03")(L)

Heavy gauge extruded plastic construction

Built-in hole hold circuit board

Excellent waterproof performance

Good for electronic projects, power supply units, student projects, amplifiers, etc., thanks for it heat sink nature, electromagnetic field protection and robust construction.


screws included


Package included:


2pcs Waterproof Plastic Project Enclosure case DIY - 4.29"*2.32"*1.30"(L*W*H)


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