2X 900M-T-0.8D/1.2D/1.6D/2.4D Soldering Iron Chisel Bit Unleaded Black D Type


Product Description


Product Name: Soldering Iron Bits/Tips

Product ID: 900M-T-0.8D/1.2D/1.6D/2.4D

Type: D-Type/ Chisel Type

Welding Nozzle Color: Black

Weight: 7.3g

Overall Length: 41mm

Bit DIA:
900M-T-0.8D: 0.8mm? 900M-T-1.2D: 1.2mm?? 900M-T-1.6D: 1.6mm? 900M-T-2.4D:2.4mm

Material: Copper, Iron, Nickel


1. Using oxygen free copper as raw materials, thermal conductivity is fast, not easy to turn black, high temperature resistance

2.??? Stable performance, top and bottom tin is fluent, solder joint is well-distributed and? smooth after welding

3.??? special machinery and production process exterior, accurate and precise size

4.??? Adapt to advanced nano plating technology with good anticorrosive anti oxidation feature.

5.??? Durable and long using life, surpass 70000 soldering joint.

Common Tip/Bit Selection:

---C-Type & D-Type: cut off pre-tinned tip& chisel tip, Suitable for the condition of quantity tin, such as large welding area, coarse terminal and welding pad

0.5 C and 1 C/CF, 1.5 CF soldering iron tip is very fine, suitable for soldering small components, or modified solder bridge and column formed during welding. If a small amount of tin needed, only use the CF type tip of tin plated.

2 C / 2 CF, 3 C / 3 CF type tips, suitable for welding resistance, diode components, SOP and QFP of larger pitch can also be used;

4 C / 4 CF, is suitable for the bulky terminal, circuit board on the ground.


## Coated with the tin smoothly before use the new soldering iron bits

##Set the temperature between 250-350??C when common solder, while turn back to? 250-350??C after finished special solder.

##Clean the bits with sponge and coated with a layer of tin for protection after finished the solder.

Package content: 2pcs soldering iron bits

Note :this product has two kinds of slight different looking , we will ship at random.

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Package included:

2pcs Lead-Free Solder Screwdriver Iron Chisel Tip Black 900M-T-D Bit DIA 0.8~2.4mm


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