3G modem clip RP SMA female Connector for Universal 3G USB Modems NEW

  • Frequency Range(MHz)890-960/1710-2150
  • VSWR ≤1.5
  • Gain: 0dbi
  • Max Input power(W): 60
  • Input Impedance(Ω): 50
  • Polarization Type: Vertical
  • Cable Length(mm): 15CM
  • Cable Type RG58 U/RG 174 as default
  • Connector Type:RP SMA jack connector as default, optional conector:SSMB/SMB/MC-card/SMA etc.
  • Mounting: STICKING
  • Housing: Black
  • Weight:20g
  • Storage Temperature: -45'c to +75'c
  • Operating Temperature: -45'c to+75'

This Product is Compatible with:

  • BT: E180
  • BT Huawei: E170
  • Huawei: E1550, E160G, E166, E170, E172, E176, E180, E216, E219, E220, E230, E270, E510
  • O2: 875U, USB Stick
  • Option: 225, 510
  • Option : Icon
  • Orange: Icon, MF330, Option 225
  • Sierra Wireless: 875U
  • T-Mobile: 510, 530, E170, E220
  • Three: MF622, E1550, E169G, E220, MF627
  • Vodafone: E172, E270, USB Stick
  • Vodafone : USB Stick Lite
  • ZTE: MF330, MF622, MF627


  • Power off wireless device
  • Plug connector into antenna port on wireless device
  • Power on wireless device
  • For best performance place antenna as close to exterior window as possible

Installation Tips:

  • Antenna should be mounted vertically to maximize performance
  • Antenna should not be mounted against metal

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Package included:
1pc 3G modem clip 890-960/1710-2150 RP SMA female jack for Universal 3G USB Modems NEW