Superbat 4G LTE Multiband Magnetic Mount SMA Antenna for Huawei Sierra Wireless Netgear ZTE Novatel Wireless Router Gateway Wilson Signal Booster



Frequency: 700-2700MHz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Radiation: Omni
Polarization: Vertical
Ground Plane: Metal ground plane required
Connector: SMA Male
Material: Whip - Stainless Steel
Coax Cable: RG174 - 10 feet / 3.05 meters
Height: 12.25 inches / 31.12 cm
Mount: Rare earth magnet

1、Frequency Range(MHz): 700-2700(MHz), you can get maximum omnidirectional wireless coverage and reliability
2、Improved signal: with powerful enhanced signal, you can get high gain signal in weak internet environment
3、SMA Connector:This newest 4G network reception long range antenna with SMA connector, which is great for your access points and are compatible with many models that with SMA connector。
4、Simple installation: with Magnet base and long SMA connector wire, you can place this antenna anywhere you like
5、Portable Design Allows Use On Home/Office/Warehouse/vending machine/ATMs/remote monitoring system/IoT/M2M/Camping

Supported models:
Huawei H258C F256 E968 E960 B970 B933 B932 B220
Sierra Wireless AirLink RV50 AirLink Raven XT AirLink Raven XE AirLink MP70 AirLink MG90 Airlink LS300 Airlink GX450 Airlink GX440 Airlink GX400
Netgear MBR1515 MBR1516 MBR1517 N300 LG2200D 6100D
ZTE MF28G MF28D MF288 MF286 MF285 MF283 MF275U MF275R MF25D Z723EL WF721 MF279
Novatel Wireless T1114V
Ericsson W20 W21 W25
AT&T Airlink LS300 AirLink RV50 WF721 MF279
Verizon AirLink Raven XE T1114V
Sprint 6100D
US Cellular LG2200D
Vodafone B4000 B3500 B3000 B2000 B1000