5dbi 3G clip antenna TS9 connector for Huawei


  • High speed internet is essential in today's world. Low signal strength causes considerable reduction in data rate. For the mobile user, finding a good signal often becomes a challenge. The gain and elevation of the antenna can make all the difference. An external antenna can provide a fantastic boost to signal strength and transfer speeds. This antenna features a handy clip design to attach unobtrusively to your laptop screen. This 3G mobile broadband antenna is great for improving signal and transfer speeds. This antenna and connector assembly is all you need to get major signal improvements. It features a handy clip design to attach unobtrusively to your laptop screen.


  • A Clip On 5DBI 3G Antenna to suit most Huawei modems. This high gain antenna will improve reception of 3G Broadband. Great for travelling or where you are not sure of the location of the mobile phone .Mast,Lap Top Screen Clip - features a handy clip design to attach unobtrusively to your laptop screen Compatibility.

Technical Specification:

  • Frequency Range(MHz)850-960/1710-2170
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • CDMA 1900 MHz
  • Boosts antenna strenght up to 5 dB
  • Enhance and maintain excellent signal quality
  • Clip mount allows you to easily attach and remove to back or side of laptop lid/screen
  • Usable indoor or outdoors
  • Quick, simple installation, no software required
  • Antenna connector: TS9 male right angle as default, SMA/SSMB/MC-Card/MS147/MCX/MMCX/FME CRC9/BNC/TNC/SMB..and so on.,please give us notes if the connector is chose !
  • Fox example,

CRC9 connector/ adapter for HUAWEI USB Modems
SSMB-jack connector for huawei E800 E870
SSMB-jack connector for Sierra Wireless AirCard
MC-LUCENT connector for Option Wireless
MCX male for Ericcson W30/W35 data router
MMCX male for Ericsson MC95/MC99/RLMC352
SMA male for Ericsson W21/W25

  • Antenna length:17cm
  • Cable length:50cm, RG174
  • Weight:26g

Application image


  • Power off wireless device
  • Plug connector into antenna port on wireless device
  • Power on wireless device
  • For best performance place antenna as close to exterior window as possible

Installation Tips:

  • Antenna should be mounted vertically to maximize performance


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Package included:
1pc 5dBi Sierra AT&T Elevate Mobile Hotspot 3G 4G LTE MIMO TS-9 connector