824-960MHz / 1710-2500MHz 3dBi Omni Ceiling Mount Antenna N Female 180x90 mm


Product Description:

  • 800-2500 MHz indoor wireless Omnidirectional Dome antenna series are constructed of white ABS plastic. The low profile attractive styling blends well in almost any office or home environment. Mounting is simplified with a single hole mount design to easily mount to drop ceilings or fixed ceilings. The antenna comes with a bulkhead N Female connector standard which is long enough to mount thru thick ceiling.
  • Ceiling antenna is the ideal solution for offices hotels and rooms where we can mount our antenna on the ceiling for GSM and WIFI, the 3dbi of gain in 360 degrees omni direction gives very good coverage in large areas from the 800MHZ to 2.5GHz frequency range.


  • Model:3A3-880-N01SJ-030-16
  • Frequency Range:806-960MHz/1710-2500MHz
  • Bandwidth:100 MHz
  • Gain:3 dBi
  • F/B ratio:15 dB
  • VSWR: ≤1.5
  • Max power:100 W
  • Nominal Impedance:50Ω
  • Antenna Connector:N-Type female

Notes:If you choose the SSMB/CRC9/TS9/MS147/MC-Card/SMA/MCX/RP-SMA/RP-TNC,The extra adapter or pigtail will be included in the package to fix your devices !

  • Dimension:Φ180×90 mm
  • Weight:0.2 KG
  • 800MHz+900MHz+1800MHz+1900MHz+3G+2400MHz WLAN
  • GSM 850/900: 824 - 960Mhz
  • GSM 1800/1900:1710 - 2500Mhz
  • UMTS: 1900 - 2170 MHz
  • 800MHz+900MHz+1800MHz+1900MHz+3G+2400MHz WLAN Ceiling


  • High gain omni-directional indoor antenna
  • Operates simultaneously on Cell, GSM, PCS, and ISM
  • Attractive housing ;
  • Surface mount in drop ceiling or solid ceiling


  • Cellular applications
  • Wireless LAN systems
  • 806 - 960MHz CELL/GSM
  • 1710-1990MHz DCS/PCS/GSM
  • 2300-2500MHz ISM (BT) & Wimax


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Package included:
1pc 800-2500MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/CDMA/3G Omnidirectional Ceiling Mount Antenna 3dBi N jack