Antenna crc9 for OPTUS USB Modem Wireless Broadband Internet 3G YES G ANTENNA



  • Boosts antenna strenght up to 13 dB
  • Frequency Range(MHz)850-960/1710-2170
  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • CDMA 1900 MHz
  • VSWR ≤1.5
  • Enhance and maintain excellent signal quality
  • Usable indoor or outdoors
  • Quick, simple installation, no software required
  • Mount:Maganic base
  • connector:CRC9 male straight as default,If you need another connector as follows,please contact us before you pay!
  • Antenna length:17cm
  • Cable length:46cm, RG174
  • Antenna Weight:108g
CRC9 connector/ adapter for HUAWEI USB Modems

SSMB connector for huawei E800 E870
SSMB connector for Sierra Wireless AirCard
MC-LUCENT connector for Option Wireless
MCX male for Ericcson W30/W35 data router
MMCX male for Ericsson MC95/MC99/RLMC352
SMA male for Ericsson W21


  • Power off wireless device
  • Plug connector into antenna port on wireless device
  • Power on wireless device
  • For best performance place antenna as close to exterior window as possible

Installation Tips:

  • Antenna should be mounted vertically to maximize performance
  • Antenna should not be mounted against metal

The connectors / adapters we can offer you:


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Instruction about the CRC9 connector for HUAWEI USB Modem :


Package included:
1pc CRC9 13dbi 3G 4G LTE Antenna For Huawei USB Modem E160 E169 with Maganic base