Superbat BNC DVR CCTV Camera Plug male RF Connector or Coaxial Cable, 5.9cm length


Product Description
  • BNC RF connectors are the most popular coaxial connector. The special bayonet design allows easy mating and un-mating. BNC 50 ohm connectors provide repeatable electronic performance from DC to 4 GHz. BNC 75 ohm connectors are suitable for applications up to 1 GHz. All 50 and 75 ohm connectors are intermatable .
  • BNC type connectors are designed to accommodate a large variety of RG and industry standard cables. They are available in crimp, clamp, and twist on cable styles. A full line of printed circuit board receptacles, bulkhead receptacles, and other accessories complement the product offering.
  • BNC connectors are designed to conform to MIL-C-39012 IEC 60169-8 CECC 22120 and BS 9210N004 specifications.
  • The BNC series coaxial connector works well in lower microwave frequency applications including monitors, LAN, telecommunication devices and test equipment.


  • CCTV BNC Camera Male Connector Adapter to Coaxial Cable
  • Compression type connector is a breeze to install.
  • It is more reliable and easier to use than traditional hex crimp Coaxial Cable Connector
  • Simply prepare the cable in the same manner as an F-type connector, insert the connector onto the coax cable and compress it
  • Silvery plated provides years of reliable service
  • Easier to use than traditional BNC connector
  • Barbs within the center pin of the BNC Male Adapter provide a reliable signal path
  • Suitable for the cctv surveilance cameras and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) connection cable.
  • Size: 5.9cm in length
  • Weight: 11g

Package included:

1pc CCTV BNC Camera Male Connector Adapter to Coaxial Cable