Superbat BNC MMCX RF Radio Antenna Coax Adapter Kenwood Cable


Product Description

This pigtail work with all cards that utilize the MMCX connector such as: the SR2, Ubiquiti XR2, Ubiquiti XR5, XR9, SR71-A, SR71-12, SR71-15, DCMA-82, DCMA-82IT, AWPCI085H, WLM54-SA26, EMP-8603, R5H, and WMR-400 miniPCI cards,and works with with with the 2511 CD PLUS EXT2 PCMCIA card, the 2011 CD PLUS EXT2, Proxim, Aironet, Cisco, Arlan and Symbol cards

Impedance 50Ω

MMCX Plug straight

BNC Jack bulkhead O-ring straight


RG316 default

Optional, RG174

Optional Length

4" (10cm)
6" (15cm) default
8" (20cm)
12" (30cm)


  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Wi-Fi
  • WLAN
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • RFID
  • UWB
  • WiMAX
  • iBurst
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • MIMO

Package included:

1pc BNC female Jack bulkhead O-ring to MMCX plug male straight pigtail cable RG316 15cm for wireless