BST-8922 Magnetic Screwdriver Kit Set Tools 38pcs-in-1 Repair Cell Phone Laptop

Product Features:

  • Screwdriver Kit include----------
  • HEX: 2.5mm   3mm   3.5mm   4mm   4.5mm   5mm   5.5mm
  • TORX:   T3   T4    T5    T6    T7  
  • PHILLIPS: 1.2     1.5     2.0   3.0   PH2
  • SLOTTED:   1.5    2.0
  • TRI-WING:  2.0
  • PENTAGON: 0.8    1.2
  • TRIANGULAR/TP3:  2.3
  • SPANNER/U TYPE:   2.6
  • BST-886 Screwdriver: Pentagon 0.8   Phillips: 1.5
  • Other accessories: Universal Arbors, small and large pry pieces, Acupuncture, 3.5sucker, extension rod, handle, Stainless steel tweezers
  • Product Name: Screwdriver Kit Tools
  • Product ID: BST-8921
  • Quantity: 38PCS
  • Magnetic: Yes

Material& Specification:

  • Screwdriver: Chrome Vanadium Steel, Pearl Nickel Surface Treatment, H4 X 28mm
  • Box& Socket: ABS TPR
  • Sleeve Grain: Chrome Vanadium Steel, Barrel Plating and Chromium, DIA.28mm
  • Handle: PVC PP TPR
  • Rob: Chrome Vanadium Steel, Chromium Surface Treatment, DIA.3 X 121mm
  • Extension Bar: 45# Steel
  • Flexible Shaft: 45# Steel, PVC, Barrel Plating and Chromium
  • Weight: 400g


  • 1. Different screwdriver head, which can be used for mobile phone, PC, laptop, digital products, glasses repairing, complete in specifications of 1 set, convenient to carry
  • 2. The head is made of high class Cr-V steel process in high temperature treatment 
  • 3. The handle is made of ABS plastic with high hardness, good stability and deformation resistance, including anti-slip feature and beautiful engrave, designed according human hand, easy to use
  • 4. Adjustable extension rob is easy to disassembly and assembly.

Common Usage:

  • Slotted Screwdriver: the most common screwdriver, precise adjustable for tools and the good helper of prying crust.
  • Phillips Screwdriver: this kind of screwdriver is also much used for dismantle the cell phone like Samsung brand, small household appliances and toys.
  • TORX Screwdriver:  adapt to dismantle cell phone, PC, hardware, printer, XBOX, XBOX360, razor, etc.
  • HEX Screwdriver:    good for dismantle some kind of models, bike cycle, engine, etc.
  • Triangular Screwdriver: many small and precise household appliances.
  • Pentagon Screwdriver: dismantling cell phone and PHS Little Smart of Panasonic brand
  • Tri-wing Screwdriver: dismantling charger and electric fan of GB, WII, NOKIA brands
  • U-type Screwdriver:  apply to Air Cleaner of PHILIPS brand and some high class power socket strip

Package included:
1x BST-8922 Magnetic Screwdriver Kit Set Tools 38pcs-in-1 Repair Cell Phone Laptop