BST 9901 Screwdriver PH2.0 PH1.5 TORX T6 Pentagon 0.8 Repair PC PDA Cell Phone


Product Description
  • We Supply 4 Types of Screwdriver, You Can Choose You Want ---------
  • Product Name: 100% Brand New Screwdriver
  • Product ID: BST-9901
  • Magnetic: Yes
  • Material: Chrome-Vanadium Alloy Steel S2, Aluminum
  • System: Metric System
  • Bits Length: 25mm
  • Overall Length: 118mm
  • Color: PH2: Red/ PH1.5: Blue/ T6: Purple/ Pentagon: Green (The color may be changed without notice)
  • Weight: 32g
1. The handle is made of pure Aluminum Alloy, hardness, good stability and deformation resistance, including anti-slip feature, well-formed, designed according human hand, easy to use
2. High quality steel, overall heat treatment and vulcanization process, ensure the lever is durable and standard.
3. The cap of the lever can rotate flexibly to improve the work efficiency
4. Allow you to open cover of mobile phones easily and without damage to the phone cover.
  • PC/PDA/Mobile/Nokia/Samsung/Motorola/LG/Blackberry/iPhone 5G 4GS 4G 3GS 3G & other applications------------
  • Phillips Screwdriver: this kind of screwdriver is also much used for dismantle the cell phone like Samsung brand, small household appliances and toys
  • TORX T6: demolition of all mobile phone market, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, and most other mobile phones, is the most common disassemble the screw, desktop hard disk
  • Pentagon Screwdriver: dismantling cell phone and PHS Little Smart of Panasonic brand
Package content: 1pcs Electric Soldering Iron

Package included:

1pc PH2.0 PH1.5 TORX T6 Pentagon 0.8 Screwdriver for PC Laptop Mobile Phone PDA NEW