Car Radio Aerial Antenna Coax 20cm Adapter Lead DIN 41585 Socket to ISO Plug


Aerial Adapter Interface DIN 41585 female socket to ISO 10599 male plug with 20 cm connecting coax lead


This is a good quality interface adapter or converter cable that allows an aerial antenna coax lead with a DIN 41585 male plug, to connect to an ISO socket aerial antenna input on the back of in-car radio head units. The ISO aerial input socket tends to be found on many Alpine, Blaupunkt, Becker, Siemens, VDO and other mostly European manufactured Radio CD/DVD TV tuner, entertainment and Navigation units. 


This adapter has a 20 cm lead between the plug and socket. This is often beneficial, if space allows, as it allows the unit to be pulled further out from the console or dash panel, whilst connections are made. 


Normally despatched same working day by first class post or air mail.