High gain 10dBi Aerial Antenna For DVB-T UHF IVHF TV HDTV Digital Freeview TV


Enhance the digital/analogue signal strength and signal quality, a must have tool for DVB-T USB stick, provide extra clear view from your PC/Laptop
Magnetic based mounting make it be placed much easier
High gain amplifier, ideal for DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver
Easy to install, just simply plug it to DVB-T stick

You can receive digital IVHF and UHF television Signals in the core zones and endge zones without
any problems with this special passive DVB-T-Aerial
1.Ametalring integrated into the base ensures excetallent stability
2.Wided an breception range for VHF and UHF Signals
3.75 ohm aerial connector plug
4.Omni directional reception aerial
5.Particularly space-saving aerial

Frequency Ranges
VHF band III:174-230MHZ;UHF:470-862MHZ
Connection length:approx.1.5m
Weight of aerial: 0.500kg
Finish: matte black
Magnetic based mounting

Connector: DVB- TV Plug default

Package included:

1pc Digital Freeview 10dBi Antenna Aerial DVB- TV Plug for DVB-TV HDTV, VHF band III:174-230MHZ;UHF:470-862MHZ