Digital Freeview 25dBi Antenna Aerial for DVB-T TV HDTV

Product Description


Enhance the digital/analogue signal strength and signal quality, a must have tool for DVB-T USB stick, provide extra clear view from your PC/Laptop

Magnetic based mounting make it be placed much easier

High gain amplifier, ideal for DVB-T Digital Terrestrial TV Receiver

Easy to install, just simply plug it to DVB-T stick

Magnetic based mounting

Gain: 25 dBi

Impedance: 75 Ohm

Cord length: 200cm


Connector: DVB-TV Plug default

Cable Type:RG58

optional connector,SMA TNC N FME F RCA

Package included:

1pc Digital Freeview 25dBi Antenna Aerial DVB-TV Plug for DVB-T TV HDTV