DAB active 10dbi antenna Patch Aerial,Glass Mount DAB Patch Antenna with SMA


Product Features:

Frequency Range(MHz) 174-237Mhz/1452-1492Mhz

Gain: BIII:10+/-2db L-Band:2dbi

Max Input power(W): 50

Input Impedance(??): 50

Polarization Type:Linear

Radiation: omnidirectional

Cable Length(mm): 3M

Cable Type RG 174 default

Connector Type : SMA Plug right angle connector (Default) SSMB/CRC9/TS9/MS147/MCX/MMCX/FME/BNC/TNC/SMB/MC-Card..and so on.,please give us notes if the connector is chosen !

Mounting: Adhesive

Housing: Black


Storage Temperature: -45'c to +85'c

Operating Temperature: -45'c to+85'c


Package included:

1pc DAB active 10dbi omnidirectional antenna Patch Aerial, Glass Mount with SMA male right angle connector