Ethernet LAN Surge Protector RJ-45 RJ45 Surge Protector Lightning Arrester

Product Description
The RJ45 series communication electricity wells up the protector is wells up protector's modular design based on the IEC communication electricity to use in the computer network signal, communication lines' electricity welling up the protection product, the product connection form for the standard RJ45 quartz attachment, may protect 1 pair of /2 pair of /4 pair of communication lines. Installs the maintenance great convenience. The reaction time is the picosecond level, and protects fully uses the newest semiconductor device's equipment, is most suitable in view of the different line choice.
  • Features:
  • model: ST-RJ45 Insertion loss AE <0.5db
    Nominal voltage VN 5V Data transmission speed 100Mbps
    Most greatly continually control voltage UC 8V Port connection mode RJ45 Port
    Nominal discharging current(8/20) IN 5KA External dimensions 75x25x25mm
    Protection rank UP <45V Operating temperature scope -40 Celsius~+70 Celsius
    Earth way Earths directly through the segment Carries out the standard GB18802.12/IEC61643-21
  • notice:
  • the grounding must good and straight
  • positive and negative line do not certainly meet counter-or meets wrong
  • Anti-radar in 1 meter is been nearer by the protection device front end is better
  • Please clear the normal voltage, it will reduce the product protective value with the wrong product
  • installed in water-proof box in outdoor

 Package included

1pc Lightning Surge Protection Device ST-RJ45 Ethernet LAN Surge Arrester