F Connector Spanner Satellite Coaxial Cabling Tool Video Matrix CATV -5F Head

Product Description

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Product Features:
  • Product Name: The F Connector Insertion and Extraction Tool
  • Material: Plastic& Stainless Steel
  • Standard/Norm: Imperial System
  • Size: 25CM Long
  • Handle Color: Red
  • Handle Feature: Rotary Handle
  • Applicable Object/Function: Widely use for many imperial system the F connector of high density professional video equipment, monitor, Optical transceiver, CATV/TV/Satellite, cold press equipment, branch distributor, etc.


It is produce from stainless steel material that makes it exquisite workmanship and very firm, flexible and convenient character is to reduce the difficulty of installation maintenance. Ergonomic Design and professional mold manufacturing make it strong and durable!

NOTE: F connector spanner allows tightening and loosening of F-connectors with one end, and holding F connectors tight during fitting to the cable, with the other end.
The end of the tool is Imperial system female head and can not fit for -7, -9, -12 type of F connector.

Package included:
1pc the F connector Fitting tool (do not include the F connector and other parts)