GPS Active Antenna SMB series connector 2M/3M/5M


Optional Connectors:

1 SMB Jack straight Default

2 SMB plug straight

3 SMB plug right angle

4 SMB Jack right angle

Optional Length:(cable RG174)

1. 2 meter

2. 3 meter default

3. 5 meter

4 contact us for other length

GPS antenna with SMB Jack connector compatibility:

Bmw: MK1 Navigation System, MK2 Navigation System, MK3 Navigation System, MK4 Navigation System,
Eagle Electronics: AccuMap, Eagle View, Journey Status, UltraMap,
Furuno: GN-80 GPS Receiver AU-12-5S,
Lowrance: LMS-160 MAP, Accumap 12, AccuMap GPS, Accumap Sport, AccuNav Sport, AirMap, AirMap 1000, AirMap 2000C, AirMap 300, EANT-1, External GPS Antenna RAA-4, Global Map 1600, GlobalMap 12, GlobalMap Sport, GlobalNav 310, GlobalNav Sport, iWay 500C, iWay 600C, LANT-1,
Magellan: Meridian Color, RoadMate 300, RoadMate 360, RoadMate 500, Roadmate 700, RoadMate 760,
Polaroid: MGM-0550 Portable GPS with DVD,
Thales Navigation: ProMark 2, ProMark 3.

Package included:
1pc GPS Active Antenna SMB Jack connector 2M/3M/5M