GPS antenna for Garmin 152H 421s 431s 441s 521s 526s 531s 536s 541s,Furuno GN-80


This is a new designed Amplified magnetic mount GPS antenna compatible with GPS with BNC connector.

GPS Active Antenna with Excellent Signal Amplification for GPS receivers/systems and Mobile Applications

(i) Dieletric Antenna
Center Frequency 1575.42MHz±3 MHz
V.S.W.R 1.5.:1
Band Width 20 MHz
Impendence 50 ohm
Peak Gain >3dBic Based on 7×7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage >-4dBic at –90°<0<+90°(over 75% Volume)
Polarization vertical
(ii) LNA/Filter
LNA Gain (Without cable) 28+/-3dB
Noise Figure 1.5dB Typ.
Filter Out Band Attenuation (f° =1575.42MHz)
7dB Min f0+/-20MHZ ;
20dB Min f0+/-50MHZ;
30dB Min f0+/-100MHZ
V.S.W.R <2.0
DC Voltage 2.7V/3.0V/3.3V/5.0V/3.0V to 5.0V/other
DC Current 5mA /11mA/15mA Max

Weight :0.056kg
Size 46*38*15mm
Cable :RG174 3 meter / contact us for other length
Connector :BNC male straight default, if you need SMB/SMC/BNC/FME/TNC/MCX /MMCX /Fakra/AVIC/WICLIC in straight or right angle please give us some notes if the antenna connector is chosen.Tks!
Mounting Magnetic base
Housing Black
Working Temp -40℃~+85℃
Storage Temp. -45℃~+100℃
Vibration Sine sweep 1g(0-p)10~50~10Hz each axis
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Weatherproof 100% Waterproof


Compact Construction/ Low Profile/
Fully Waterproof
Magnet and Screw Mount Base
Excellent Temperature Stability
Low Noise Figure
High Sensitivity


Automobile GPS
Bluetooth Receiver
Car Tracking Navigation System
AVL / Fleet Management Systems
External Antenna for Handheld GPS
External Antenna for PDA Navigator

GPS antenna with BNC Plug connector compatibility:

Abarten: GPS Chart Navigator 951XW;
Furuno: GN-80 GPS Receiver AU-12-5B;
Garmin: GPS 100, GPS 100AVD, GPS 100STD, GPS 120, GPS 120XL, GPS 125 Sounder, GPS 128, GPS 15, GPS 152, GPS 45, GPS 45XL, GPS 48 GPSMAP 225, GPS 50, GPS 65, GPS 75, GPS 89, GPS 90, GPS 92, GPS 95XL, GPS II MAP 205, GPS II Plus, GPS III, GPS III Pilot, GPS III Plus, GPS V, GPSCOM 170, GPSMAP 130, GPSMAP 135 Sounder, GPSMAP 152, GPSMAP 162, GPSMAP 168 Sounder, GPSMAP 172, GPSMAP 172C, GPSMAP 176, GPSMAP 176C, GPSMAP 178, GPSMAP 178C, GPSMAP 178C Sounder, GPSMAP 180, GPSMAP 182, GPSMAP 182C, GPSMAP 185 Sounder, GPSMAP 188, GPSMAP 188C, GPSMAP 192C, GPSMAP 196, GPSMAP 198C Sounder, GPSMAP 200, GPSMAP 2006C, GPSMAP 205, GPSMAP 210, GPSMAP 215, GPSMAP 220, GPSMAP 230, GPSMAP 232, GPSMAP 235 Sounder, GPSMAP 238 Sounder, GPSMAP 276C, GPSMAP 292, GPSMAP 295, GPSMAP 296, GPSMAP 298C Sounder, GPSMAP 376C, GPSMAP 378, GPSMAP 396, GPSMAP 478, GPSMAP 492, GPSMAP 496, GPSMAP 498C Sounder, NavTalk Pilot, StreetPilot ColorMap, StreetPilot III GPS;
NorthStar: GP-270ML High Resolution Graphic Receiver, GP-360ML High Resolution Graphic Receiver, GPS Chart Navigator 951XD, GPS Chart Navigator 951XWD, iCOM, Active GPS Antenna AN145, Active GPS Antenna AN150, Chartplotter 925, Gold Chartplotter 6000i, GPS Antenna AN150, GPS Chart Navigator 951, GPS Chart Navigator 951X XD, GPS Chart Navigator 952X XD, GPS Chart Navigator 961, GPS Chart Navigator 962, GPS Navigator 941X XD XW, Platinum Chartplotter 6100i;
Raven Industries: Invicta GPS Receiver, Low Profile GPS Antenna;
San Jose Navigation: AIS Transceiver AIS-2;,
Synergy Systems: AR-10K GPS Antenna BNC, AR-10S GPS BNC Antenna, ART-10K GPS BNC Antenna 10001678, DB-9 GPS Sensors, DB9GPS Sensors, SynPaQ E-M12+T, SynPaQ E-SS12, SynPaQ IE-M12+ DB9 GPS Sensors, SynPaQ IE-m12= EN-3 GPS Sensors, SynPaQ III-M12+ GPS Sensors, SynPaQ III-M12+ T GPS, SynPaQ III-QA GPS Sensors.


Package included:

1pc GPS Active Antenna for GPS receivers and Mobile Applications

The GPS antenna connectors we could customize with :