GPS MMCX Antenna for GlobalSat Delphi NAV200 Holux GR-236 GR239 BT 321 271



(i) Dieletric Antenna
Center Frequency 1575.42MHz±3 MHz
V.S.W.R 1.5:1
Band Width ±5 MHz
Impendence 50 ohm
Peak Gain >3dBic Based on 7×7cm ground plane
Gain Coverage >-4dBic at –90°<0<+90°(over 75% Volume)
Polarization RHCP

(ii) LNA/Filter
LNA Gain (Without cable) 28+/-3dB
Noise Figure 1.5dB Typ.
Filter Out Band Attenuation (f° =1575.42MHz)
7dB Min f0+/-20MHZ ;
20dB Min f0+/-50MHZ;
30dB Min f0+/-100MHZ
V.S.W.R <2.0
DC Voltage 2.7V/3.0V/3.3V/5.0V/3.0V to 5.0V/other
DC Current 5mA /11mA/15mA Max

Weight <100gram
Size :48x39x16mm
Cable :RG174 3 meter / Contact us for other length
Connector : MMCX male straight default/SMA/SMB/SMC/AVIC/FME/TNC/MCX /MMCX /Fakra/WICLIC in straight or right angle please give us some notes if the antenna connector is chosen.Tks!
Mounting Magnetic base
Housing Black

Working Temp -40℃~+85℃
Storage Temp. -45℃~+100℃
Vibration Sine sweep 1g(0-p)10~50~10Hz each axis
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Weatherproof 100% Waterproof


Compact Construction/ Low Profile/
Fully Waterproof
Magnet and Screw Mount Base
Excellent Temperature Stability
Low Noise Figure
High Sensitivity


Automobile GPS
Bluetooth Receiver
Vehicles /Car Tracking Navigation System
AVL / Fleet Management Systems
External Antenna for Handheld GPS
External Antenna for PDA Navigator

GPS antenna with MMCX Plug connector compatibility:

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Acer: D100 Portable Navigator, D140 Portable Navigator, D150 Portable Navigator, D160 Portable Navigator, N35 Navigations PDA,
Acore: Bluetooth AG-600, Bluetooth AG-700,
Adac: Blue Media Pocket PC 255 Navigon,
Airis: GPS Bluetooth N598G, GPS PDA509, Navigator T900, Navigator T920, PDA NC05, PDA T605,
Aktronix: Bluetooth GPS BT,
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Altina: Destinator A600, Bluetooth GPS GBT709,
ASUS: MyPal A639, The Mobile Navigator, The Mobile Navigator 1, The Mobile Navigator Pro,
Billionton: BTGPS Bluetooth GPS Receiver,
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San Jose Navigation: GPS Module FV-M11,
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Package included:

1pc GPS Active Antenna MMCX Plug connector 2M/3M/5M

The GPS antenna connectors we could customize with :