IEC 320 IEC Mains Power Plug Female Gold Plated Copper Conductor Cable Cord Hi F

Product Description




A Piece of IEC 320 Mains Power Plug (Gold Plated Copper Conductor)


This premium power plug is made of high density nylon and fiberglass. Appropriate springiness and hardness provide a secure contact for clean transportation, and maintain its exact shape over time without an adverse effect to the sound.

Conductor material: Copper

Plating process: 24k gold plating (1.5 micron)

Install cable O.D.: Min 6.5mm Max 17mm (1/4", 11/16")

Wire gauge: AWG 10 (5.5 s.q.)

Vol/Amp: 100V~250V 15A

Product length: 70mm (2 3/4")

Product diameter: 38mm (1 1/2")

Product weight: 63g


Package included:


1pcs IEC Mains Power Plug Female Connector Gold Conductor Cable Cord Hi Fi


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