IPX / u.fl to RP SMA jack female bulkhead O-ring pigtail cable RG178 for wireles

Product Description
  • IPX cable assemblies can be cut to any length and attached to a variety of RF coaxial connectors. Ideal
for ham radio, Wi-Fi radio modems, and 2.4Ghz radio control (R/C) system projects .We operates onsite
semi-automatic IPX termination equipment to facilitate quick turn cable assemblies.
  • Typical applications of the IPX series include a variety of wireless technology systems such as GPS,
wireless routers, Bluetooth, MIMO, RFID, WiMAX, iBurst, UWB, and Zigbee.
    Impedance 50 Ω

    One end: RP-SMA female bulkhead O-ring straight

    Other end: U.fl ( IPX )


    RG178 default

    Optional, 1.13 cable, 1.37 cable

    Optional Length

    4" (10cm)
    6" (15cm) default
    8" (20cm)
    12" (30cm)

    Compatible with:

    Radio Manufacturer Radio that use U.FL connector
    Proxim ORiNOCO

    Mini-PCI Components


    NL-5354MP Plus Mini-PCI adapter,NL-3054CB Plus Mini-PCI adapter, NL-3054MP Plus Mini-PCI Adapter, NL-2511MP Plus Mini-PCI Adapter

    Senao NL-5354MP Plus, NL-3054MP Plus, WMP-3000
    Zcommax XG-900, XI-625
    Ubiquiti SR4,SR71-E,SR9
    RouterBOARD 52n



    Wireless LAN Devices
    Wi-Fi Radios
    External Antenna Applications
    Wireless OEM Applications
    Wireless Infrastructure

    Package included:

    1pc IPX / u.fl to RP-SMA female jack bulkhead with O-ring straight pigtail cable RG178 15cm for Wireless

    Pls note , RP connector can not match regular connector
    RP means Reverse polarity. SMA type are with 4 kinds type usually ,

    for example :

    SMA male is inside screw with plug center,
    SMA female is outside screw with hole center,
    RP SMA male is inside screw with hole center,
    RP SMA female is outside screw with plug center.


    Offer custom:
    If you require a different mounting style, we will be happy to consider your requirements to provide a working solution. Please contact us.