Marine Fish Boat GPS Antenna New GPS timing antenna 5 meter SMA Plug male


Dielectric antenna specification

Center frequency: 1575.42mhz+/-2 MHZ

V. S. W. R: <1.5

Band width: Band width

Attenuation fo: +/-100mhz>30db

Impendence: 50 ohm

Peak gain: >3dbic based on 7*7cm ground plane

Gain coverage: >-4dbic at -90<0<+90(over 75% volume)

Polarization: rhcp

Lna specification

Lna gain(without cable): 28dB,35dB,45dBtypical

Noise figure: 1.5db

Dc voltage: 3-5V

Dc current: 13ma max

Mechanical specification

Weight: < 400g

Cable: SYV50-3

Cable Length: 5 meter ,(Optional 10meter ,contact us firstly)

Connector: SMA male straight , BNC/SMB/SMC/TNC/FME/MCX /MMCX /Fakra/AVIC/WICLIC in straight or right angle please give us some notes if the antenna connector is chosen.Tks!

Mounting base: Screw

Environmental specification

Working temp: -40~+85

Storage temp: -40~+100

Vibration sine sweep: 1g(0-p)10~50~10hz each axis

Humidity: 95%~100%rh

Weatherproof: 100%

Mini-GPS antenna with SMA Plug compatibility:

Alpine: Blackbird PMD-B100 Portable Navigation System.
Falcom: Active GPS antenna FAL-ANT-3, Active GPS antenna FAL-ANT-4.
fTech: GPS Antenna SMA FGPANE1A2, GPS Antenna SMA FGPANE1A5.
GlobalSat: Antenna AT-65-SMA, G5010U, G5040, TT-300.
Holux: GM 82 Engine Board.
Navman: GPS antenna ANT06A, TeliNav Cube 2 w 850 1900 MHz, TeliNav Cube 2 w 900 1800 MHz, Tracker 5100, Tracker 5110, Tracker 5380, Tracker 5430, TRACKER 5500, Tracker 5505, Tracker 5600, Tracker 5605.
Rikaline: A-10302-SA, A-10305-SA,GPS-300 Black Box.
Standard Horizon: CP 150 (Passive 3 foot Only), CP 160 (Passive 3 foot Only), CP 170 (Passive 3 foot Only).
Synergy Systems: AR-10K GPS Antenna SMA, AR-10S GPS SMA Antenna 1001411, AR-10S GPS SMA Antenna 1001414.
Tele Type: Satellite Tracker v2.0.
Trimble: CrossCheck CDPD, CrossCheck GPRS 1900, CrossCheck GSM 900, CrossCheck GSM 900 1800, Lassen? iQ module 2000A, Lassen? SK II board, Lassen? SQ module, TNL 1000 Panelmount GPS (5.2 VDC).
u-blox: LEA-LA GPS Receiver Module, TIM-LA GPS Module, TIM-LC GPS Module, TIM-LF GPS Module, TIM-LH SuperSense GPS Module, TIM-LL GPS Module, TIM-LP GPS Module, TIM-LR GPS Module.

Package included:

1pc New GPS timing antenna 5 meter with SMA plug for GlobalSat Antenna AT-65-SMA, G5010U, G5040, TT-300