MC3 Solar Panel Cable X Female to Three Male Branch 4mm2 Solar connector

Product Description

MC3 Solar Connector Features

  • 1. MC3 Solar Connector comes with an anti-aging, ultraviolet resistant housing.
  • 2. The Solar Connector is suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.
  • 3. It adopts riveting and tight hoop connection of cable.
  • 4. Male and female points are provided with reliable seal ring which is easy to lock and open.


  • These are MC3 "X" Branch Connectors.
  • All materials are UL Listed.
  • This one is has Three MC3 Male Connectors and One MC3 Female Connector.
  • These are used to connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar field. The unique design offers greater directional ease in laying out the the branch lines. The molded in eyelets allow for easy tie wrapping of the branch connectors to the structure.
  • Shipping weight is 0.08kg
  • Package include :

    1x solar panel cable Y type FEMALE to Three MALE with 10 cm

Package included:

1pc 4mm2MC3 Solar Panel Cable "X" Female to Three Male Branch Solar connector 10cm