N Crimp Jack bulkhead O-ring RF connector LMR195 RG58


Model: N01-BOL19-41BS00
Product Description
  • N series RF connectors are 50 ohm constant impedance connectors with a consistently low VSWR across its frequency range of 0 to 11GHz. They are high quality medium size connectors standardly used with coaxial cables from .350" to .450" OD, but designs can also acccomodate .078" to .875" cables. N type connectors are threaded and gasketed for weatherproof operation. The threaded coupling incurs low noise and withstands shock and vibration. LTI N connectors are designed to conform to MIL-C-39012 specifications.
  • Offers a few styles of 75 ohm impedance versions of N connectors. They are not matable with the 50 ohm connectors.
  • The N series connector is the most popular medium sized connector. Applications include test and measurement, antennae, base stations, transmitters, etc.
Product Series: N
Product Type:

Cable mount

Application: Crimp
Attachment/Affixment: Bulkhead with O-ring
Body Plating: Nickelplated
Body Termination: Crimp
Cable Type: RG58,RG142,RG400,KSR195,LMR195
Connector Body Style:


Connector Material: Brass
Contact Plating: Nickel
Nickel Solder
Gender: Jack
Impedance: 50 Ohm


Package included:

1pc N female Jack bulkhead O-ring connector Crimp for LMR195 RG58 RG400 RG142 cable straight RF connector