NEW MC4 X F/M/M/M Solar Panel Cable Branch Connector MC4 Female to 3xMale 4mm2

Product Description
  • 1.These are MC4 "X" Branch Connectors.
  • 2.All materials are UL Listed.
  • 3.This one is has One MC4 Female Connectors and Three MC4 Male Connector.
  • 4.These are used to connect multiple solar panels or groups of solar panels together in a solar field.
  • 5.The unique design offers greater directional ease in laying out the the branch lines.
  • 6.The molded in eyelets allow for easy tie wrapping of the branch connectors to the structure.
  • 7.cable length 5CM
  • 8.Weight:0.072KG

Package included:

1pc MC4 "X" Three Male To Female Solar Panel Cable 5cm Branch Connectors