PV Solar Accessories 280-300W Crystalline Silicon Modules Diodes 4mm2156*103*25

Product Description

The Solar Junction Box, designed for robotic-assembly of silicon photovoltaic systems, reduces assembly time and production costs for PV-panel manufacturers. Rugged and durable, IP67-sealed, DC connectors feature simple snap-lock mating and an internal locking mechanism for superior safety. They are designed for direct connection to solar junction boxes, field installations and PV grid wiring. In addition, DC double-insulated cable assemblies, with proven long life cycle and optimum weather resistance, meet the demands of harsh and outdoor solar wiring applications.

Electrical Features:

  • Current for PV Module: 20A
  • Rated Voltage: DC 1000V
  • Power Capacity: 280W-300W
  • Touch Protection Class:

Mechanical Features:

  • Temperature Range :-40??C ~ 85??C
  • Diodes Details:6 pcs
  • Number of terminals: 4 rails
  • Wire Size: 4mm2
  • Contact Resistance: <5 Ohm
  • Protection Degree: IP66
  • Flame Class: UL94-V0

Material Features:

  • Insulation Material : PPO
  • Contact Material: Copper
  • Standard: DIN V VDE 0126-5:2008
  • Authentication: TUV RoHS
  • Overall dimensions : 156*103*25mm
  • N.W(KG) ¡êo0.200 KG

Product Features:

  • 1.With the capacity of anti-aging and UV resistant, provide longer life span under outdoor bad condition.
  • 2.Adopted reliable connection solution ,simple,quick and safe effective field assembly.
  • 3. Excellent sealing performance, waterproof and dustproof rating up to IP66.
  • 4 A variety of connectivity options, can provide 4-6set of input and output wiring, to meet the multi-bypass the need to use high-power Crystalline silicon PV modules.
  • 5 Products for a variety of backplane, with TPT, TPE, and PYE, etc. back to match
  • 6 Products are sold through TUV and RoHS certification, and obtained two patents for utility model and appearance.
  • 7 Patented On PV-JB003

Package included:

1pc 1000V 20A PV Solar Junction Box for 280W to 300W Crystalline Silicon 156*103*25mm PV Modules 4mm2 4 rails Diodes