SMA Male Plug right angle to Y type 2x IPX/u.fl cable jumper pigtail RG178 15cm

Product Description
Impedance 50 Ω

One end: SMA male right angle

Other end: 2x U.fl ( IPX )


RG178 default

Optional, 1.13 cable, 1.37 cable

Optional Length

4" (10cm)
6" (15cm) default
8" (20cm)
12" (30cm)

Compatible with:

Radio Manufacturer Radio that use U.FL connector
Proxim ORiNOCO

Mini-PCI Components


NL-5354MP Plus Mini-PCI adapter,NL-3054CB Plus Mini-PCI adapter, NL-3054MP Plus Mini-PCI Adapter, NL-2511MP Plus Mini-PCI Adapter

Senao NL-5354MP Plus, NL-3054MP Plus, WMP-3000
Zcommax XG-900, XI-625
Ubiquiti SR4,SR71-E,SR9
RouterBOARD 52n



Wireless LAN Devices
Wi-Fi Radios
External Antenna Applications
Wireless OEM Applications
Wireless Infrastructure

Package included:

1pc Two IPX / u.fl to SMA male right angle pigtail cable RG178 15cm for Mini-PCI Components

Offer custom:
If you require a different mounting style, we will be happy to consider your requirements to provide a working solution. Please contact us.