STP/UTP G501 Stripper Cutter Tool Coax Networking Cable Cutter Stripping Tool

Product Description
  • This multi-functional cable stripper is for use with Multicore & Networking cables and cable or wire with diameter from 3mm to 9mm.
  • This tool two in one stripper and cutter ideal for RJ45 Ethernet cable or RJ11 phone cable. This 4" universal stripping tool is the perfect handy tool for any electrician and technician.
  • It is adjustable for most any wire type and width; and is made of the highest quality synthetic and metallic materials that stay sharp and maintain optimal structural integrity, yet still attaining a lightweight and economical profile


  • 3 Blades
  • Strips and cuts cable for 8,6 and 4 position modular plugs.
  • Easy-to-use


  • Manufacturer Part # G-501
  • weight:0.055KG
  • Universally adjustable
  • Stripping Capacity:9mm2

Package included:

1pc UTP Stripper Phone Wire Cable Cutter Stripping Tool