3G mobile phone clip Antenna CRC9 connector


Frequency Range(MHz): 850-960/1710-2170
GSM/GPRS/EDGE : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
CDMA : 1900 MHz
Boosts antenna strenght up to 5 dB
Enhance and maintain excellent signal quality
Clip mount allows you to easily attach and remove to back or side of laptop lid/screen
Usable indoor or outdoors
Quick, simple installation, no software required
Antenna connector: CRC9 male right angle as default

Optional conector: SMA/SSMB/SMB/N/TS9/CRC9/MS147/MCX/MMCX/FME/BNC/TNC/MC-Card..and so on.,please give us notes if the connector is chosen!

Fox example,
CRC9 connector/ adapter for HUAWEI USB Modems
SSMB-jack connector for huawei E800 E870
MC-LUCENT connector for Option Wireless
MCX male for Ericcson W30/W35 data router
MMCX male for Ericsson MC95/MC99/RLMC352
SMA male for Ericsson W21/W25
Antenna length: 17cm
Cable length: 50cm, RG174