Superbat WLAN Coax Cable RP-SMA female jack to RP-TNC male RF pigtail RG316 30cm wifi


Product Description
Impedance 50 Ω

One end: RP TNC male straight

Other end: RP SMA Female bulkhead straight


RG316 default

Optional, RG174, RG178

Optional Length

4" (10c)
6" (15cm)
8" (20cm)
12" (30cm) default


Wireless LAN Devices
Wi-Fi Radios
External Antenna Applications
Wireless OEM Applications
Wireless Infrastructure

RF Coaxial Low Loss Cable KSR-195
Flexible Communications Cable Ideal for...
Drop-in replacement for LMR-195 RG58 RG142 Air-Dielectric type Cable jumper Assemblies in Wireless Communications Systems Short Antenna Feeder runs.
Any application (e.g. WLL,GPS,WiFi,WLAN,WISP,WiMax,SCADA,Mobile Antennas) requiring an easily routed,Low loss RF Cable.

Package included:

1pc RP-TNC plug male to RP-SMA female jack male pin bulkhead pigtail cable RG316 30cm for wireless

Pls note , RP connector can not match regular connector
RP means Reverse polarity. SMA type are with 4 kinds type usually ,

for example :

SMA male is inside screw with plug center,
SMA female is outside screw with hole center,
RP SMA male is inside screw with hole center,
RP SMA female is outside screw with plug center.